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Algae (moisturizing, nourishing)
Vitamin B (improves moisture retention, feeds cells)
Comfrey Plant (healing healthy tissue growth)
Avocado (soothing)
Carrot “Vitamin A” (antioxidant)
Chamomile (calming)
Cucumber (soothing)
Vitamin E (fights free radicals reducing wrinkles)
Evening Primrose (dry skin helps flakiness)
Grape Seed (antiaging healing)
Horsechestnut “Vitamin P” (strengthens skin capillary walls)
Jojoba (soothing emollient)
Kojic Acid “from mushrooms” (skin brightening)
Vitamin K “found in green leafy vegetables” (revives skin helps with spider veins, scars)
L-Asorbic “Vitamin C” (helps lighten sun damage, collagen builder)
Lavender (calming)
Organic Neem (relieves stressed skin, calms)

Papaya (enzyme exfoliating)

Pomegranate (treats sun damage, healing)

Seaweed (Humectant, firming)

White Willow Bark (moisturizer, helps with hyper pigmentation)

And more . . .


Some of our heaviest hitting ingredients that extend cell life span and stimulate fibroblast to produce more collagen are not mentioned.

They are a Gia Marchello secret.  

We know that not good skin but Great skin comes from the inside out. Ask us about Hydro Colon Therapy. If your gunked up on the inside your skin is sure to show it fatigue, dehydration and acne are just to name a few. {Soft Consultation.} 

Everyone's Going Green

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